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    Welcome to CGillust.com

This website is for the user of our product "CG illust". We originally started selling this drawing software in Japan for the Japanese Animation and Manga fans, and more than 20,000 people purchased and enjoy "CG illust," and have created excellent work in Japan.

We started selling the "English" version of this software in 2001, as well as the Chinese and Korean versions, and this web site provides all the information about the software including a demo version of it to download. Also, this web site has many images (event files) uploaded by our users for your enjoyment.  Try our software!

CG illust - Version information
The newest version of the CG illust program is 2.24.  Users who have version 2.22 will not be able to open event files created by version 2.24. Please upgrade your program to the newest one to open all event files. The upgrade file is free, and the upgrade is easy.

For new users who have recently bought CGillust - Your software should be 2.22.  Please upgrade it to 2.24 after the installation. Sorry for any inconvenience.
   How to enjoy this website
 If you are a first time visitor:
Read our product information, and try our trial version. Download here.
If you are using the trial version or the full version of CG-illust;
  Have you ever tried to downloadTutorial 2 other users' "Event files" from this website?

Did you know you could upload your work on this web site and share it with other people, even by using the trial version of  "CG illust" ?  Tutorial 3
   Tutorial   "How to use CG-illust"

Tutorial 1  How to make an event file. 

Tutorial 2  How to download other users' work. 

Tutorial 3  How to upload my work.  

CG illust drawing tips 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
User's tutorial page for beginners:   Shura 

Shura's page

User's tutorial page for beginners:   Maverynthia


Warning:  We had an illustration uploaded, which was based on one of the sample illustrations that comes with the CGillust CD. These illustrations are copyrighted, so you cannot upload them as your work.
  What's new ?   

More Nurie work at the Nurie Library.

DELETER has just issued the English version of COMICWORKS, which helps you to draw Manga. Check out the website of our new software product.

nurie library

   Look for your artwork!

We would like to have your banner for the top of this page. E-mail us with your great work created by CG-illust. Even if you haven't used the full version of CG-illust, you can create it with the demo version and send us an event file.

We have a couple of requirements:

  • The size should be width 600 pixels x height 180 pixels.
  • The words "cgillust.com" should be included in your work. 
  • E-mail us with the title:  "my work for top of cgillust.com." Don't forget your name and the title of your work. 

  We are waiting for your work!!

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