What kind of software is CGillust?

As the name implies, it is designed to help draw computer graphic illustrations. This is a very intuitive software, and includes all the basic functions that you need for producing your own illustrations.
  • System Requirements. OS=Windows 95/98/Me/NT4.0/XP
  • CPU=Pentium 200MHZ or above(400 Mhz preferred)
  • Memory=64 MB or above
  • Monitor=1024 x 768 pixel or above, 65,536 colors or above
  • 32 bpp monitor recommended.
  • Tablet is recommended. Pressure sensitivity cannot be duplicated with a mouse.
  • This set includes: Drawing with CGillust instruction manual/CGillust application version 2 CD-ROM/User Registration card
This is not just simple drawing software. Since this software was designed by computer artists who draw illustrations and Manga, it was designed to be extremely easy to use, with essential functions included. It also has a lot of great features. For example, wouldn't it be great to know how the professional artists or the advanced amateurs draw illustrations?? The Event tool can guide you step by step.

Event tool

Event files (file extension .oes) show you all the procedures used to create each drawing from the beginning to the end. (Try it with the trial version!)

From the "Event" menu on the top, choose "Open". Choose a file, and click "Open". You will see the drawing sequence has started automatically!! Isn't it cool to see other people's techniques?

The CGillust comes with 50 examples of great illustrations that are all event files. It also includes a guide book full of information, as well as how to draw Japanese Manga using sample images.

And the Event tool brings you more fun! Go to the illustrations page uploaded mainly by Japanese and Korean users. They uploaded their own work as event files and provide them for your enjoyment! Do you want to share your work with others? You can post it as a JPEG/BMP file or event file on this website. Sharing with other users is a lot of fun!

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