Let's continue our drawing tips class.

Here is a menu of this tips class:

Topic 1  Useful short-cut keys 1 <added Aug 13th, 2003>
Topic 2  Useful short-cut keys 2  <added Aug 22nd, 2003>
Topic 3  Easy ways to change the color of your rough sketch
 <added Aug 29th, 2003>
Topic 4  What does this  symbol mean? <added Sep 5rd, 2003>

After topic 1, did you find the short cut keys useful?

Let's start off with some new short-cut keys for the tool window.

Hit [B] key on your keyboard, so that the Brush mode is selected. In the same way, hit the [O] key to create shapes, press the [K] key to change to fill mode.

It's easy to use your left hand for the short cut keys, and your right hand can remain on your mouse or tablet!

Next short-cut. Hit the "B' key to change to the Brush mode. And  make sure the "Pen Window" is on the screen. And holding the [Ctrl]key and [Alt]key, drag your mouse right and left, so that the radius of the selected pen tool will vary. 

The next one is really cool. Are you still in the Brush mode? Try holding the [Shift]key. A color sampler will show up! It's really convenient to use, because you can choose the next color that you are going to draw with easily.

Let's move to the next one.  Watch your Pen Window.  And hit the [A]key, [S]key, [D]key, [F]key.  You will see the selection changed from the top to the bottom. By the way, why do [A],[S],[D],[F] keys have significant meaning? Look at your keyboard! Those keys are in the same line so that you can handle them using your left hand very easily.

Make sure the Pen window and the control window are both up. Try hitting the [1],[2],[3],[4],[5],[6],[7],[8],[9],[0] keys. You will see the the density of brush is changed by ten percent.  [0] is 100%, not 0%. 

Ok, this is the last one for today's lesson. Suppose you finish your drawing, and you feel those windows are in your way to see the whole drawing. Hit the [Tab]key to hide all of them. Do you have better view, don't you?

We hope these short-cut keys are very useful for all of you!!