Let's continue our drawing tips class.

Here is a menu of this tips class:

Topic 1  Useful short-cut keys 1 <added Aug 13th, 2003>
Topic 2  Useful short-cut keys 2  <added Aug 22nd, 2003>
Topic 3  Easy ways to change the color of your rough
    <added Aug 29th, 2003>
Topic 4  What does this  symbol mean? <added Sep 5rd, 2003>

After topics 1&2, are you enjoying using the short cut keys?
We will learn a completely different thing today.

Suppose you're just finished drawing a rough sketch with the black pen tool, and you want to change the sketch to a different color. How do you do it? Let's see the easy method by using the Selection tool. 

Make sure that the Selection window is on the screen. (If not, go to "View" menu on the top, and click "Show Selections". )  And choose "New Selection from Contrast" from the "Edit" menu on the Selection window as on the below picture.


You will see the sketch in black is selected. 

Choose any color you want to use for the sketch, and go to the "Select" menu on the top and choose "Fill" like the below picture.

Can you tell the sketch has a color you chose under the selection?  Alright, the last thing you have to do is to take off the selection. Go to the "Select" menu on the top and choose "Deselect" to get rid of the selection. 


Congratulations!  Now you have a different color on your sketch!  You can apply this technique of using the selection tool for other things. 
Enjoy CG illust!