Let's continue our drawing tips class.

Here is a menu of this tips class:

Topic 1  Useful short-cut keys 1 <added Aug 13th, 2003>
Topic 2  Useful short-cut keys 2  <added Aug 22nd, 2003>
Topic 3  Easy ways to change the color of your rough
    <added Aug 29th, 2003>
Topic 4  What does this  symbol mean? <added Sep 5rd, 2003>

Have you seen in the Layer window or the Selection window?  
Since it doesn't effect your drawing, you might ignore it. It doesn't look like     it affects you, but actually it does affect you.  Let's look at this mysterious symbol together.

When do you see this symbol, by the way?   Look at the example below.
It is in the process of drawing sketches.  The rough sketch is already made on the layer called "rough sketch", and the main lines are being drawn in the separate layer called "Layer 2".  (Another Tip: The opacity of the "rough sketch" layer set at 20% not to mix with the main lines.)

The next thing I am going to do is to select the Move tool and drag the Layer 2 to the right.
You will see the consequence after doing that by the below picture.


 Look at that!  We got the symbol!!!  Now you understand what brings the symbol. It will show up when there is something on the layer hidden on the screen. You might want to fix it.  Using "Undo" is one of your choices. Or using the Move tool and dragging it back is another option. But here is a question.
Suppose you really like the picture, can you leave it as is?  Does this symbol affect your project somehow?  The answer is "YES".   The part out of your sight is just hidden, which means it is still a part of the file.  So that part uses up memory on your PC, and that is just waste!!   CG illust offers a solution for you. Choose the "Edit" menu  from the Layers window, and select "Trim Margin".  Try it, so that you will see is gone, and the hidden part is eliminated.


Enjoy CG illust!