Have you ever heard of the Japanese word "nurie" (pronounced 'new_re_a')?    Did you color in a coloring book when you were a child?  That's "nurie"!  

For novice users of CGillust, it is fun to learn coloring with these imaginative drawings. And even for advanced users, it is great practice to choose effective colors to make the end result look great. Even a simple drawing will turn out to be very artistic with your choice of colors.

We have provided a couple of  pre-lined drawings done by the professionals, as well as by some Japanese users. Double- click on the image for the enlargement, and right-click on the image and choose "Save Picture As" to save it on your hard disk.  It's easy! We will continue to add additional "nurie" drawings for your enjoyment.

If you want to upload your "nurie" work, please add the word "nurie" onto the title.  For instance, "my nurie work". 


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by aika (Japanese user)

by samata (Japanese user)

by furea (Japanese user)

by momoko (Japanese user)


by hisaya (Japanese user)

by subaru (Japanese user)



by masami_h (Japanese user)

by beginner


by yuzuru (Japanese user) by kamijohisa (Japanese user)
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