Tutorial 3  How do I upload my event file onto this site?

Let's upload your work !

The system accepts only event files (.oes) to upload.  If you don't know how to make an event file, go to tutorial 1.
For the first time you need to registar.    Click "User Registration" from the menu in the left column.. 

User registration

You need to register in order to upload your illustrations, or to erase or change your uploaded work
Here are some guidelines for making your username, password & URL:

1. There must be no space in-between letters.

2.  : Only a~z, 0~9, - can be used in your username.
       Only a~z, 0~9 can be used in your password.
       Only  A~Z, a~z, 0~9,-, .., :, //, =, ^, ~, ? can be used in your URL.

If you would like to include your email address or URL, you may receive email from other users and be able to exchange information with them.


    Now that you have finished your registration, let's move onto uploading your work.

Uploading illustrations
Click "Upload illustrations". 


Enter your user name and  password, and choose the category to which your work belongs.   The title and comments for your work are not required, but it is a good idea to let other people see your comments.

Please note that you can only use the following alphabets and symbols:
-Upper case and lowercase English alphabets
-Numerals 0~9

In addition, you cannot upload illustrations in the following cases.
- If there is a space in the file name.
- If you used any alphabets or a symbols besides the above. -
- Illustrations in JPEG, BMP, OCI formats.

Click the "Login" button to move on to the next display.


If you have been successful, your username will be shown.   You need to show the location where your event file are located on. Click the "Browse" button, and find it.  And finally, click "Upload illustration" to upload it.


. If you want to erase your work from the system, or you want to modify something, Click "Pictures maintenance"

Modification of your uploaded illustrations

Type your user name and password, and click "Login".  A display will be shown that and allows you to modify your uploaded works.
If you want to change your password, click "Updating user information".
You can also use this display to change your user registration information like your e-mail address and your web site.
While running the COMIC ART CG illust, you can directly access comic-artists.com by choosing "Open homepage" under the Help menu.